Xmas inspiration by H&M Home

Let’s turn the Winter holiday mood ON on the Focal Point blog, as the internet is full of “jingle bells” for weeks now, and all I did so far was to give you some cleaning tips before the holidays :)) Is there any other way to be even more boring? Don’t think so.

This year’s winter holiday collection from the H&M Home is the ultimate winner, in my opinion. I’m more than happy to see a lovely, nude, black and white collection from H&M, using mostly earthy tones in their 2021 Christmas collection. It feels so close to my style and to the simplicity I like. I’m not a fan of overcrowded decorations, not even during Christmas, however, I love some red touches here and there, and at H&M I can even find these red spots as well. I could not decide which one is my favorite, the cushions, the pillows, the candles? I guess there are no “enough candles” in a home, regardless of the season, one of the most certain bulletproofs that give a hygge feeling to a home. The vases with their nude colors and shapes are simply beautiful; the tree decorations in brown and green are the perfect match to a Scandinavian interior.

And of course, there is no Christmas without a touch of red. Get inspired by the wonderful table setting and candles from H&M.

What a nice feast to my eyes, finding everything in place, simplicity, minimalism, coziness, hygge, and subtle festive touches with Nordic vibes. Although we don’t have an H&M Home shop in my town, everything is accessible via their website, and they ship across the whole country. Do not hesitate to check their Christmas Shop. It’s still time to get your favorite piece for the Winter holidays.


Photo credits: H&M Home IG feed

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The beautiful world of local ceramics

Ceramics are the small pieces that can make a home cozier. When I see a nice piece of ceramic decoration (whatever that is, a mug, a cup, a vase, a bol, etc.), I always try to imagine where would it fit the best in my home. I follow quite a lot of Nordic ceramists on Instagram, unfortunately, most of them are not shipping to Romania, but at least I can enjoy online their marvelous creations. I will do a separate post on these talented people, but I felt that first, it would be nice to show some local ceramists who are enriching our lives with their products.

I knew right from the beginning of this interior design blog’s idea that I would like to write about local treasures as well. I even dedicated a separate section for them, hence the Local Treasures menu. I will try to promote here those who are not super famous, but would not hurt a little bit of publicity for them (not sure who needs more publicity right now – they or me? – being at the beginning of this journey). Anyhow, I’ve chosen 5 ceramists whose creations I find special by their simplicity and originality. I’m listing them in alphabetical order as I admire them equally.

1. Beart Ceramics from Ciumani (RO)/Gyergyócsomafalva (HU)

They are doing all kinds of mugs, honey pots, wall clocks, candle lights, jewelry, sugar pots, lightings, hanging lamps, and customized house numbers, like the one in the 2nd photo. I find it über original to have such a plate on your door. This one was a gift to us from some good friends.

2. Handmade by szei from Sighișoara (RO)/Segesvár (HU)

I found Iris’s wonderful world accidentally on the internet. When I look at her creations I see nature, I feel calm, I see a piece of clay turned into an imperfect beauty. Her creations are beyond being nice, I sense a lot of wabi-sabi vibe when admiring her plates, mugs, and spoons.

3. Lukker Ceramics from Târgu Mureș (RO)/Marosvásárhely (HU)

She’s from my hometown, do I have to say more? 🙂 I’m super happy to see such beautiful creations done in the city where I live. Her nice mugs and honey pots can be bought in the Blaze, a shop that sells only hand-made products from this region. These dots are breathtaking.

4. Mamu Ceramics from Cluj Napoca (RO)/Kolozsvár (HU)

This happens when talent meets yellow and botanical patterns. I love every piece of Mamu with its flower specifics on the ceramics. It’s like bringing spring or summer into your home, combined with the beauty of the nature that surrounds us, not to mention that the necklaces are unique pieces as well.

5. Oana Stoica Ceramics from București (RO)/Bukarest (HU)

What a beauty found in the capital of my country. Sometimes I have the impression that the world is full of talented people with a refined sense of simple things. Oana is creating ceramics with clean lines and pastel colors, but she is also bold enough to use more vivid colors in her creation.

If you know somebody whose ceramics would worth to be presented on my blog, do not hesitate to drop me a message. I would be more than happy to write about other talented people too.


Photo credits: 1. Beart Ceramics, 2. focalpoint.ro, 3.&4. Handmade by szei, 5.&6. Lukker Ceramics, 7.&8. Mamu Ceramics, 9.&10. Oana Stoica Ceramics

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