Very Peri is the color of 2022

Every beginning of the year the Pantone Color Institute sets the color/s of the year. Many industries are taking this color trend very seriously, furniture manufacturers, fashion designers, interior designers, textile producers set their focus to the color indicated by Pantone. The color of 2022 is out and is the PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri. To be honest I see it as the lavender lilac, but of course, if you want to be super accurate when choosing the color for any of your projects, products, etc. just follow the color coding of Pantone.

I love this color, but I find it challenging to incorporate it into a home’s color palette, especially since this is not one of the typical Scandinavian earthy color tones that I usually promote, love, and adore in every way possible. But still, I looked around to get inspired by others’ creativity or bravery. I’m sharing strictly those ideas that I love 100% and I could go with these ideas myself.

#1 Sophia Amoruso’s powder-coated office cabinetry. The former Nasty Gal CEO, current Girlboss owner, has a vintage office with a lot of re-used furniture and blue/lavender touches here and there. What a lovely way to make a colorful statement.

#2 Annie Sloan’s aubergine kitchen is all over the internet now, being a top match for this year’s color. Mixing Chalk Paint® in Aubusson Blue and Emperor’s Silk turned out to be a very feminine and warm combination. Apart from the great color combination, I love that there are no top cabinets, this always gives an airy feeling to the place.

#3 You don’t have to turn your entire home into a blueish bubble gum, you can use one central element, like in this case, having a subtle rug with very peri color touches. I love the brown leather day bed and the huge plants.

#4 If you are into English elegancy, like me, and you are bold enough, you can go with painting the walls into very peri color. Not sure what happens next year, but in a worst-case scenario, you repaint the room :)) I love how brave @emilydobbsinteriors was with these Pitch Blue walls by @farrowandball.

#5 The Swedish home furnishing company, Himla, has nice subtle ideas of how to add a little bit of trend to your interior. They have some high-quality, real Scandinavian linen textiles in very peri color that can add that one little touch of color to the room. Let’s just say that I love every piece that they produce, sell, promote, whatever 🙂

#6 Small objects are always some sort of safety measurements. Add an Ikea candle holder or a table lamp, like the Panthella Mini Table Lamp by Verner Panton for Louis Poulsen, and here you go, problem solved. I could easily go with these ideas.

Hopefully, you got some inspiration for 2022 on how to add a bit of color to your home.


Photo source: 1. Architectural Digest, Photo: Monica Wang; 2. Annie Sloan; 3. Hipcouch; 4. @emilydobbsinteriors; 5. Himla; 6. Himla IG; 7. Ikea; 8. Pamono

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A Swedish interior for a fresh start

Let’s start with something fresh, like a bright Swedish apartment. I don’t do new year’s resolutions, I’m too old for that shit, but I try to find something that motivates me and inspires me. Blogging relaxes me, even if this is a few hours of work every week. It’s good for my soul, so continuing this it’s the best new year’s resolution I can have.

This 3 rooms apartment is a perfect trigger to continue loving Nordic interiors and to get inspired on how to combine old with new (look at those ceilings). The large windows let the natural light flow through the whole apartment, and removing the wall between the kitchen and living room made everything even lighter. This way it was possible to create the dining area between the kitchen and living room, assuring a great socializing spot. I love the vintage floor lamp and the gallery wall around the tv, the subtle bohemian touches like the rattans armchair and ceramic decorations add an extra style to the whole room.

The kitchen is a 100% Scandinavian kitchen. The cabinets, the handles, the light grey color, the built-in electronics, the glass lightings, and the oak floor are the bulletproof elements of this style.

This small room with a balcony turned out to be a combination of home office and leisure. The day bed with the powder pink bedding and the wall art hanging above it are a nice colorful touch in this room. I love the vintage desk and the wall art with cranes. The rug adds an extra texture to the room.

Simplicity always wins. I admire the Scandinavians for finding the simple white tiles so delightful. It’s the simplest way of having a clean design in your bathroom. Good old days when this tile was the trendiest one 🙂

And there is no Swedish apartment without a balcony; connection to outside/nature is mandatory for Swedish people. They learned to love and take in everything that Mother Nature tries to give us.
This lovely 73 sqm apartment is in Linnéstaden, Göthenburg, it has 2 bedrooms and an open living room combined with the kitchen, 2 balconies, and storage space in the attic of the building. It was renovated in 2018 when the beautiful oak parquet was restored too. It has a fresh, clean Scandinavian design, so do not hesitate to get inspired by this interior.

Happy New Year dear reader!


Photo credits: shared with the kind permission of Entrance

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Beautiful Christmas trees to admire on Instagram

Christmas is one of the most inspirational holidays of all time. Suddenly or step by step, depending on if you are an early decorator or not, your house turns into a magical place. Candles, wreaths, and lights show up here and there, indicating that Xmas is around the corner. Then the cherry on the top is when the tree is up and shining in its festivity. I think the tree takes it all, so I did a bit of research on the IG to find out how it turned out for the bloggers and Instagrammers I follow.

Like with everything, the tree decoration is very much depending on your taste. In my humble opinion, everything fits well as long as colors, shapes, and styles are harmonized. It’s perfect even if you don’t do any decorations, the Christmas tree can be beyond beautiful even in its naturality, like this one, I love it.

#1 Yes, I do think that investing in a beautiful tree is worth every penny. Look at this miracle by @majasmissionshus with its subtle decorations. This is the tree that inspired me to write this blog post on the Christmas trees 🙂

#2 A tree with elegance and nude minimalism, as the whole home of @villahaven254, I love every corner of her interior, it’s is the pure definition of tasteful minimalism

#3 I follow Peter’s and Karsten’s IG feed for some time now. Their cleaned style is all over the place. This year’s tree is superb, not to mention the lovely sunny living room.

#4 This is the cutest one with its wabi-sabi imperfection, @anangelinmyhome did a great job with only a few simple candles. If you are in the mood for further inspiration, check Mari’s feed, her photographic talent combined with the love for interiors is the perfect source.

#5 I love this tree with the white, paper decorations and very subtle lights on. I’m following @karlas_view a long time ago, and I love her attic home with its pure Scandinavian minimalistic style.

#6 This tree by @t.susanna inspires me for the simple fact that it’s placed in the kitchen. We tend to put our tree in the living room, but this is a fabulous idea to turn your kitchen into a festive place. The white decoration is perfect, and it’s impossible not observing the striped tablecloth. I absolutely love it!

#7 I recently discovered @vicisophie‘s IG profile, and I instantly gave a “follow” to her interior. I love the soft color combination of green, white and brown, it has such refined vibe.

#8 Ah, one of my favorites Instagrammers. @annkristinlhejl surely knows how to turn small or empty places into magical interiors. I would move into her previous or current house instantly. I love the red touches on her tree, she definitely can’t deny her Nordic origins.

#9 Helen’s interior is a recent discovery of mine, oh boy, oh boy, what a beautiful minimalistic home. I’m totally into this black & white decoration on the tree, it surely looks very fresh and trendy. Do not hesitate to go for it, Christmas decorations are not necessarily only about red.

#10 Our tree 🙂 It wouldn’t be fair not showing ours in this tour of Christmas trees, right? We usually go with Scandinavian colors, using a lot of matte white and dark green, boosting up the whole decoration with a touch of orange. The majority of the decorations were sent by my sister living in Germany, the rest is hand-made by my mother.

If you are here today, reading this article, I am thankful to you for spending time on my tiny little blog. I hope this collage of beautiful trees inspires you to get into the winter holidays mood.

Have a very Merry Christmas my dear reader!


Photo source: 1. majasmissionshus, 2. villahaven254, 3. house_of_peter_and_karsten, 4. anangelinmyhome, 5. karlas_view, 6. t.susanna, 7. vicisophie, 8. annkristinlhejl, 9. helen_wizemann, 10.

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Xmas inspiration by H&M Home

Let’s turn the Winter holiday mood ON on the Focal Point blog, as the internet is full of “jingle bells” for weeks now, and all I did so far was to give you some cleaning tips before the holidays :)) Is there any other way to be even more boring? Don’t think so.

This year’s winter holiday collection from the H&M Home is the ultimate winner, in my opinion. I’m more than happy to see a lovely, nude, black and white collection from H&M, using mostly earthy tones in their 2021 Christmas collection. It feels so close to my style and to the simplicity I like. I’m not a fan of overcrowded decorations, not even during Christmas, however, I love some red touches here and there, and at H&M I can even find these red spots as well. I could not decide which one is my favorite, the cushions, the pillows, the candles? I guess there are no “enough candles” in a home, regardless of the season, one of the most certain bulletproofs that give a hygge feeling to a home. The vases with their nude colors and shapes are simply beautiful; the tree decorations in brown and green are the perfect match to a Scandinavian interior.

And of course, there is no Christmas without a touch of red. Get inspired by the wonderful table setting and candles from H&M.

What a nice feast to my eyes, finding everything in place, simplicity, minimalism, coziness, hygge, and subtle festive touches with Nordic vibes. Although we don’t have an H&M Home shop in my town, everything is accessible via their website, and they ship across the whole country. Do not hesitate to check their Christmas Shop. It’s still time to get your favorite piece for the Winter holidays.


Photo credits: H&M Home IG feed

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A Norwegian fairytale-like home

What I love the most about my blog, it’s that with time passing, it becomes a platform where you can “travel” to lovely places and interiors. If you read my blog, so far we’ve been to Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Romania, USA, France, Australia and now we land in Norway, isn’t this nice? I’m more than grateful to all those people who let me into their homes.

Elisabeth’s home is the perfect match to continue the Advent. When I discovered her IG feed, it fascinated me right away, being a fairytale-like house without any exaggeration. You know that I love sneak peaking in people’s homes, rather than sharing newly built houses for sale where nobody lived before.

Many things from this home remind me of my childhood and my grandparents. What is super fantastic is that Elisabeth is a firm believer in sustainability, everything (furniture, ceramics, textiles, decorations, etc.) in this house is pre-owned/second hand, bought as used, and redesigned by repainting, remodeling, or sewing. This principle requires huge talent to turn randomly purchased items into a good fit for your home’s style. If something is new, it has been given as a gift, such as the tea/coffee pot from that you can see in a couple of pictures. I don’t think that the term “hygge” covers 100% the lovely feeling that this home has, so enjoy the tour, my friend 🙂

The kitchen and the living room are full of beautiful laces and textiles, as Elisabeth thinks that textiles are softening a room. Candles, the cracking stove, and hot tea are the ultimate extras to this warm interior.

The gallery wall on the staircase is very creative due to the combination of things (heh, who would have thought that a pair of shoes can be so artistic) besides the paintings or photos. The wall arts with insects are by @emmasjodindesign.

I’m not fully ready yet to get into the Christmas mood on the blog, but feel free to check Elisabeth’s IG feed to see how nicely she dressed up her home into the winter holidays’ atmosphere. I’ve mostly chosen pictures from her home that show the house in a non-holiday mood, but this interior is already full of winter magic for sure. Ah, and by the way, I love every season in her home, summer, autumn, Easter, you name it.


Photo credits: @skogmesterboligen – shared with friendly permission

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Before you start decorating your house for the holidays

Advent just started and the internet is full of wreaths, candles, and Christmas decorations. Indeed, this is one of the most pleasant periods of the year, however, I don’t see too much content about how we are preparing in reality for this festive period. Maybe I’m old fashion or totally boring, but in my head before decorating you should start cleaning your house first 😉

A few weeks ago I’ve discovered Hamimommy’s vlog, an incredible YT channel about slow living, sustainability, and daily routines. I’ve shared in the past a similar vlog, Benita Larsson‘s minimalistic YT channel, that has the same effect on me as this one. I could watch Hamimommy cleaning her house all day long, it super relaxes me. Plus I love her home, her warm and almost scandi style, her housewife lifestyle turned into a creative vlog with 1.5 million followers on YouTube.

Important: please turn on subtitles (CC) on YouTube in order to understand the Korean text.

What is worth knowing about her is that she’s a mother of a 4 years old sweet little girl, living with her husband in a house outside of Seoul, the Korean capital. She likes to cook being very creative also in the kitchen, not only with her video content, she’s in her mid 30′ and always open to learning new stuff. While doing this nice YT channel, she’s taking a drawing class to improve her skill set.

Lately, I start my Saturday mornings by watching one of her videos; this is a great combination with the weekend’s first latte macchiato 😉


Video credits: Hamimommy YT channel
Cover photo credits: @hami.mommy IG

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