BarnHaus, created for unforgettable memories

Wow, this is a good period, I’m posting another locale treasure lately. This time I found a Saxon barn house, called BarnHaus :), turned into a magical place. I adore those interiors where the owners have the courage to preserve an original idea, but still manage to renovate/re-build into something totally new and modern.

BarnHaus can be rented out for short stays, and it’s located in Jibert village, 1 hour from Brașov city. The property consists of 2 separate buildings: the House with 4 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and the Barn with 1 double bedroom, a large living room and a fully equipped kitchen. The place can be booked for min 2 nights and for max 12 persons. You will have the house to yourselves only, the owners are offsite, but reachable on phone. They have a no smoking and no shoes inside policy. Me, like this a lot 🙂 This means that the place will never get overcrowded and cleanness is a vital aspect of their business.

And now a few words about the design. I love the brownish, earthy tones of the interior design. The high ceilings along with the high fireplace gives a real cozy feeling to the place. The original beams kept in the living room show respect to the old times and Saxon traditions. The sitting area, the dining area and the wooden elements are all in a total harmony. I’m all in for the rattan lightings, those are some strong focal points of the place. I envy those people who are bold enough to have black furniture, this kitchen actually adds extra depth to the room. The brick walls here and there seem to be the red line of the property, as you can find those marvelous walls also in the bedrooms. The abundance natural light inside the house is simply beautiful, and the external fireplace is one of the most hygge spots of the property.



If you would like to see more beautiful pictures and moments of this property, check their Facebook or Instagram pages and do not hesitate to book a weekend on their website. Your welcome for the inspiration, it was my pleasure 😉


Photos credits: 1st photo by @gracegotte, the rest of pictures by – shared with kind permission
Design by: @gracegotte

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Irina Neacșu, my favorite Romanian designer ever

It’s been some time since I posted a local treasure, although my region is full of talented people who end up creating handcrafted art. I’m not very much into Romanian interior design (I have my reasons, folks 😉 ), so I could not tell the same about that. However, there is one Romanian designer, Irina Neacșu, to whom I would hand over my home to create an interior design proposal without any hesitation (not that it would need a redesign).

Irina Neacșu is a designer and botanical artist, a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists, and founder of the Romanian Society of Botanical Artists. She drew my attention many moons ago with her botanical textiles, pillows, and upholsteries. In the latest years, she focused more on botanical art and painting. Since I’m totally in love with botanical art, I continued following her and admiring her works on her online Shop. Back in 2016, she moved from Bucharest to Brașov, she opened her own Irina Neacșu Studio and founded an art school, Cembra School of Botanical Art and Design, where she organizes courses and workshops in painting, drawing, textile art or design.

What I love about her work is that she managed to come up with a large palette of ideas, having wall arts, graphics, herbal teas, greeting cards, and even plantable paper (wow!) and wellness products. I gathered a few favorite items below, enjoy!


Ilex, watercolor on paper, 900 RON. Available here.

Wallnut still life, watercolor on vellum. Not available at the moment, but follow up here.

Primerose, watercolor on paper, 2.151 RON. Available here.

Pine and chamomile bath salt, 50 RON. Available here.

Lost Mountain, raw plant mix for herbal tea, 45 RON. Available here.

Pine&bergamote gift box. Not available at the moment, but follow up here.

Plantable paper with various seeds, 60 RON. Available here.

Greeting card printed on recycled paper, 14 RON. Available here.

Pine wrapping paper, 12 RON. Available here.


Photo credits: cover photo by @deersphotos from Irina’s IG feed; all product photos from

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Cabin ANNA, the perfect solution to be in sync with nature

It’s been one year since I launched my blog. In this time, I had the chance to show you some really nice interiors thanks to the generous people I contacted for allowing me to take a peek inside their homes. I’m more than grateful for this. Thank you for enriching my small blog with your beautiful interiors 🙂

This time I found a treasure in the real sense of the word. I feel that this cabin idea is in perfect sync with me and the way I feel about being in harmony with nature. No wonder why my husband and I bought a house next to the forest.

Cabin ANNA is an idea born out of a personal project of building a small garden house in the backyard of Caspar Schols’ mother, the Dutch designer, and architect who developed this cottage idea in 2016. Since then, this cabin has become a award winning architectural masterpiece winning The Project of the Year at the 2021 Architizer A+Awards’ Architecture. What makes this small cabin so special is that it’s built on a structure with two flexible shells as external walls, supported on rails. Depending on your mood or weather, you can move the shells as you like, either turning the bedroom into an outdoor terrace or a spa spot with a hot tub under the sky, or leaving the shells closed and enjoying the natural light coming in if the weather is chilly. What a genius idea to be in perfect sync with nature!

The ANNA Meet is a slightly different idea then the one from above, the ANNA Stay. This second model, the Meet, has 4 flexible shells allowing you to move 4 external walls as per your needs. This cabin is for family gatherings, small weddings, business meet-ups (if your company is aiming for a natural environment) or even office space. I would say it’s a perfect solution for all kind of group activities, being so close to nature it’s only a booster for your productivity and creativity.

If you are in The Netherlands and would like to try one of their cabins, you can book a stay on by choosing one of the ANNA experiences. In case you would need more information on pricing, models, materials or transport, do not hesitate to contact the Cabin ANNA team here. For further pictures feel free to check their IG feed, I can assure you that it’s full of magical moments.


Photo credits: Tõnu Tunnel and Jorrit ‘t Hoen – shared with the cordial permission of Cabin Anna

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Xmas inspiration by H&M Home

Let’s turn the Winter holiday mood ON on the Focal Point blog, as the internet is full of “jingle bells” for weeks now, and all I did so far was to give you some cleaning tips before the holidays :)) Is there any other way to be even more boring? Don’t think so.

This year’s winter holiday collection from the H&M Home is the ultimate winner, in my opinion. I’m more than happy to see a lovely, nude, black and white collection from H&M, using mostly earthy tones in their 2021 Christmas collection. It feels so close to my style and to the simplicity I like. I’m not a fan of overcrowded decorations, not even during Christmas, however, I love some red touches here and there, and at H&M I can even find these red spots as well. I could not decide which one is my favorite, the cushions, the pillows, the candles? I guess there are no “enough candles” in a home, regardless of the season, one of the most certain bulletproofs that give a hygge feeling to a home. The vases with their nude colors and shapes are simply beautiful; the tree decorations in brown and green are the perfect match to a Scandinavian interior.

And of course, there is no Christmas without a touch of red. Get inspired by the wonderful table setting and candles from H&M.

What a nice feast to my eyes, finding everything in place, simplicity, minimalism, coziness, hygge, and subtle festive touches with Nordic vibes. Although we don’t have an H&M Home shop in my town, everything is accessible via their website, and they ship across the whole country. Do not hesitate to check their Christmas Shop. It’s still time to get your favorite piece for the Winter holidays.


Photo credits: H&M Home IG feed

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Why I love ED’s home collection

In this week’s blog post, we travel outside of the Scandinavian region to which my readers are usually used to. We step into the wonderful world of ED’s home collection, a USA-based lifestyle brand founded in 2015 by the American comedian and Tv host, Ellen DeGeneres and Christopher Burch, the CEO of Burch Creative Capital.  

I’ve discovered ED by Ellen DeGeneres home collection a couple of years ago and I spotted instantly a few pieces that I could place almost anywhere in our home. You know me if something is with earthy tones, using natural raw materials and it’s handcrafted, it’s a winner to me. This is what I love the most in ED’s home collection, they managed to combine multiple styles, bohemian with minimalistic, natural with sophisticated, vintage with modern, covering a huge area of desires in terms of interior design. They have a nice collection of pillows and rugs, all very natural pieces with great color combinations.

Unfortunately, they don’t ship outside of the USA yet, but you can contact them (see the FAQ section, point 16.) for considering adding your country to their international list when they’ll start worldwide shipping. I’ve created a small collage with my favorite pieces of the moment. Enjoy!


1. Akir Throw Blanket crafted by Loloi

2. Mildas Chair by EJVictor


3. Burbank Woven Rug crafted by Loloi

4. Indo 1 Table lamp crafted by Generation Lighting

5. P4002 Looped Ombré pillow crafted by Loloi

6. P4083 Braided Tapestry pillow crafted by Loloi


Photo credits: all product photos used in this collage by @ED by Ellen DeGeneres


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Summer vibes with Zara Home

This is the first article since I have my blog, where I’m writing about a brand. Although this world is full of brands producing marvelous interior design products, somehow, naturally, I start with Zara Home. We have a few nice pieces from them in our home, and I love every one of them. They are affordable, working with natural fabrics and materials, using earthy tones and minimalistic vibes, not to mention that many of their products have vintage vibes too. And if you follow me, you know that I’m in love with vintage pieces.

I made a list of the items I love the most from their Summer collection 2021.

1. Foldable chair

This is my number one from their current collection, with its vintage shine and natural texture it’s a real winner when it comes to exterior furniture for summer. One of the biggest advantages is when something is foldable and can be stored in smaller places when the season is over. This chair reflects the hot sunny vibes, and it could look nice in our yard (still in the design phase, looking forward to starting the construction). In case you’ve fallen in love with it and you want to purchase it, pay attention as the top header cushion is not included by default, you will have to buy it separately.

2. Beach umbrella

Ah, what a beauty, and it goes hand in hand with the foldable chair. The beach umbrella is a necessity when staying in sunbathe, you should never ever go to the beach without protection, besides the sun lotion cosmetics you should always have something to get shadow too. And why not do this with style? This umbrella in sandy color can assure a +40 SPF protection which might be handy in the full summer season. It comes in 2 sizes along with a cover that makes its transportation easy.

3. Ever green tableware

I’m listing 2 of my current favorites, but I linked the entire Zara Home tableware collection, they are literally having the most beautiful tableware sets in the universe. Regardless if it’s a breakfast, lunch, or dinner set, still with their attention to details, fine lines, color palette, and materials, Zara is the winner for me. You can find everything, minimalism, vintage, modern style, holiday vibes, this is what I love the most at Zara Home…being able to remain loyal to their fine, elegant simplicity.

4. Fruit baskets

I could fill our home with baskets and still not getting fed up with these beauties. Baskets can come in every shape, color, and material in my humble opinion. Fruit baskets can be handy these days if you spend time outside having dinner with your friends. Zara Home has an entire collection of baskets basically for everything, fruit baskets are a good investment, during summer for cherry, strawberry, and watermelon, during winter for orange, banana, and grapefruits. Your choice!

5. Cushions

Cushions all over the place, inside, outside, it doesn’t matter, as long as everybody can get comfy with the beautiful Zara Home cushions. They have every style, but now I’ve chosen the ones with the summer vibes. These linen cushions can be found in many shapes, sizes, and combinations of colors and lines. I love the earthy colors and playful lines, and the linen textile turns these pillows into must-have items.

If you are not a Zara Home fan yet, please start to love their products right in this second. In my region, they have a physical store in Cluj Napoca in the VIVO! shopping mall, but you can easily buy online basically everything. I think I’ll come back with a similar article about Zara around Christmas, as they can turn winter holidays into a fairytale.

Photo credits: Zara Home – thank you for letting me share these picture!

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