Compartment No. 3 – when simplicity meets taste

Australia is full of great interiors with great designs. I’m following a few interior design studios for some time now and they always manage to impress me with something that I’ve never seen before. I’m a huge fan of the Never Too Small YouTube channel focused on small, award-winning Australian interiors. I might even get addicted to their videos 🙂

Sophie Bowers’ 50 sqm apartment captured my attention for its calm feeling, clear lines, and simplicity. No wonder why, as she is a fan of Danish design, the color palette used in this interior is proof of that. Danish people are using and combining colors like no one else on this planet. The apartment was built in 1926 and now is the home of Sophie, her husband Josh, and their 2 super duper cute little dogs, Billy and Remy.

The apartment was designed by her own design studio – Strutt Studios – in art deco style. I particularly like the genius solution of storage in the kitchen, especially the pantry. We have a similar one too, a huge one and I’m telling you, my friends, you can store things enough for an army in something like this.

I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I do, Sophie’s voice is simply music to my ears.


Featured image: Strutt Studios
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AD’s home tour at Patrick Demsey’s residence

I’m a huge fan of the home tours by Architectural Digest (AD). They have 2 series, the Inside Celebrity Homes, and the Open Door where they are visiting famous people’s houses. These home tours can be found on AD’s YouTube channel, and it worth every minute of watching it. It is a real treat for the soul.

Don’t get intimidated by the houses presented here, don’t forget that this is America, living the American dream. Even if I’m aware that this is another world with different budgets spent on houses (not typical at all in my region), it does not exclude my interest in admiring these homes. It is the proof of what is doable with exceptional style, or taste, and money. Without any dilemma, I knew that if I would ever have the chance to embed an AD home tour on my blog, that will be Patrick Demsey’s Malibu home designed by the one and only, Frank Gehry, the living legend of contemporary architecture. Do not hesitate to watch his Master Class if you want to get more into his work.

This tour was done in 2014, being part of the Season 2 of Inside Celebrity Homes. It’s been seven years since then, but I’m convinced that this house is still one of the warmest celebrity homes I’ve ever seen. And I’m not the only one who thinks that 😉

Enjoy the tour!

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