An eclectic apartment with breath-taking details

Although I’m not brave enough to bring some fancy, eclectic elements into our home, I love peeking inside those homes where owners were bold enough to use 19th century furniture, ballroom chandeliers, colors, or anything else that brings eclectic feeling to the place. This Swedish apartment captured my attention right away, especially for its incredibly beautiful ceilings and stoves in every room of the house, the owners even kept the original doors and windows. This is what I love the most about Nordic people, they see the value of the vintage things, refurbish them and combine them with new ones, this way they end up, in my humble opinion, with the warmest interiors on this planet.

The apartment was built in 1886, it has 3 bedrooms, and a spacious living room combined with a dining area. The kitchen is strategically well structured, with an island in the center, it offers extra storage space. I like how they managed to fit in the washing machine and dryer too.

The ballroom chandelier is a bulletproof element to get an eclectic feeling of the place.

The Devil is in the details…they say, this stove is simply magical, even if it’s not functioning for some reason, I would never ever remove it from my house.

All bedrooms in this apartment are white and pastel color base. This one has a gallery wall above the bed, for similar inspiration check the Desenio site, they have ready-to-be-used collections and they are even offering guidance on how to get a perfect gallery wall. The Formakami JH5 pendant is another great focal point of the room. 

On the drawer I spot a white Carl-Johan lamp by Olsson & Jensen, such a small and cute piece 🙂 It can perfectly fit into the children’s room as well.

And of course, it has a small balcony, all Swedish apartments have an outdoor space, even if it’s a tiny one, but they need to go out somewhere and inhale nature.

If you enjoyed the tour and you are located in Gothenburg by any chance, this 127 sqm apartment is for sale. Do not hesitate to contact the Lundin team for showing you around.

Styling by: @bydecoab
Photo by: @pousard_photography


Photo credits: thank you for letting my share these pictures.

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The Hermit – a cabin in Gura Haitii, Suceava

We are living some strange days, and traveling became something unrealistic. With all the restrictions from the last 1 year, I think this was the hardest one for me and my husband. I was super happy when I found The Hermit cabin on Airbnb, this might be a good opportunity for us to run away from the city, as traveling inside the country is possible. Romania is full of wonderful places and this 13,7 sqm small cabin is proof of that. The Hermit is in the middle of wild nature in Gura Haitii, Suceava county, as its name is indicating as well this is a perfect location for silence, contemplation, “back to the basics” lifestyle. The cabin has a spacious porch and deck area that lets you admire the stunning view of the Călimani mountains. It is designed by the architect Ana Hodan from the tresfolles interior design studio, and it was even featured on BigSEE as BigSEE Wood Design Award 2020 – Winner. The interior is inspired by the Danish hygge principles of keeping things simple and cozy, the fireplace, the candles, and books, all take you back to Nordic minimalism. The open floor living room has a huge window with a reading nook next to the fireplace for the chilly nights.

The above chair seems to be a Hans J Wegner CH07 Shell Chair from 1963, if you are a fanatic of original design products, this can be purchased from Intro Design. (Don’t kill the messenger, I’m aware of the spicy price).

The sleeping area is on the upper level of the cabin which is accessible by the metallic ladder from the living room area. The memory foam bed looks super comfortable, and it has a nice view of the mountains.

The wooden interior is in full harmony with the outside nature, and when you open the door, you just let nature coming inside.

The cabin is equipped with a simple gas bottle with burner and dining essentials, the bathroom has a walk-in shower and toiletry essentials. The Hermit can be rent on Airbnb and and if you would like to go with a larger group (not recommended now) they have another resort for 2-6 guests.


Photo credits: 3, 5, 6-9. shared with the cordial permission of Haita Land; 2. Vlad Florea & 1, 4, 10, 11. Cezara Tudosă via BigSEE

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A Swedish apartment with iconic elements

Apartments, where I see hints of historical brands and iconic pieces, always amaze me. When I discovered this apartment, I instantly knew that there are so many classic or vintage elements that I need to write an article about it. This is a 55 sqm apartment in the charming Linnéstaden neighborhood of Gothenburg, with 2 rooms and a small kitchen combined with a dining area. Every room contains at least one iconic furniture, so most certainly, this apartment’s red thread is the collection of the evergreen pieces. The living room has everything a home needs to become original, natural, and stylish. The gallery wall is an instant beauty that can be seen right from the entrance, not to mention the stove that is beyond being beautiful. Imagine sitting here with a glass of wine while the fire crackles. The mirror from the hallway is a vintage piece most certainly purchased on a flea market, I see some patina on it that makes it even more original.

The kitchen is small but cozy enough. I love the shelves next to the window. This is not the first time when I see this genius idea of using a narrow space. I instantly spotted on the top and middle shelves the classic wooden birds designed by the Danish Kristina Vedel in 1959. The dining table is a minimalistic centerpiece combined with the black chairs. The red E60 stools, designed by Alvar Aalto and becomen famous in 1934, are the gem of this small kitchen. If you find these irresistible, you can buy them here or here if you are from my country. These chairs can be used also as side tables next to your bed, so it might worth the investment 😉

The bedroom is relatively small, but this does not mean that a home office, a comfy bed, and a wardrobe are not fitting in. The 3 art pieces gallery wall turns it into a more inviting place.

A classic 7 series Arne Jacobsen chair and a green banker’s desk lamp assures the continuation of the red thread throughout this room.

I love the fact that Nordic people keep their bathrooms as simple as possible. You can rarely see floral tiles or crowded patterns, they prefer to go with basic colors and simplicity.

At the entrance and in the hallway we can see the marvelous wooden flooring that has been nicely preserved in the whole apartment. The carpet on the wall is an instant focal point of the place, I like it when people are bold enough to throw a carpet on the wall and turn it into a decoration.

This apartment is inspiring with its 3.10 meters of ceilings, it lets your creativity finding its way both horizontally and vertically. Don’t forget that original, iconic pieces can turn your home into a special place. The flea markets are full of valuable pieces, and let’s hope when all these pandemic things will take over, we can enjoy again the magic of these markets.

Have a lovely start to the week.


Photo credits: shared with the cordial permission of Entrance

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