A beautiful apartment with a dark red thread

One of the basic interior design rules is to use a red thread through an apartment/house. This can be either a color, a style, an element that is recurring in every room of the interior. The idea is to assure continuity by connecting the rooms through this red thread. This week I’m choosing a home tour with a dark red thread. Although I’m not very into dark colors and dark interiors, there are quite a few that captured my attention in the past.

This 67.6 m2 apartment in Göteborg has a calm vibe due to the dark elements here and there. The living room’s focal point is definitely the dark tiled stove and the 3m high ceilings that let the room shine in its entirety. I spot a Ghost chair at the dining table that mixes styles boldly. The dark marble coffee table adds a dramatic feel to the area.

The apartment’s structure is kind of circular, from the living room you can go to the kitchen, and behind the kitchen is the bedroom from where you can end up in the dining area. I love the glass shelf system that lets prevailing some nice ceramics.

The kitchen is simply marvelous with the minimalistic lines of matte cabinetry design by Kvik. The limestone countertop is a winner of the whole place. I like to industrial window solution that lets the natural light flowing in through the bedroom. What a great trick of solving the lack of a real window.

The bedroom is simple, but it has it all, style, store, simplicity, elegance, you name it. The bottom-to-top closet has a lot of storage space without making the room crowded. The ceiling light is one of Gong’s masterpieces, the MO-003S- Benitier Silk Ceiling. I discovered this brand recently, and ever since I love all their lightings. Leaving the double doors unfinished adds a great contrast to the place.

And as I mentioned many times, outdoor spaces are super important to Swedish people, so this apartment has a tiny balcony too making sure that the lucky owner can go out getting some fresh air while admiring Skansen Kronan and Skansberg.


Photo credits: shared with the cordial permission of Entrance

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Living big in a tiny home

What I love the most about tiny homes is that they teach you how to live more minimalistic. If you don’t have enough space for all the unnecessary stuff that a human being is capable of hoarding, you have no other option, but to declutter. We are quite ok with my husband from this point of view, but still, sometimes I wonder why we’ve bought a 3 bedroom + living room house, and now we are planning to build a garage on top of this…more space to store stuff…grrrr.

Anyhow, this beautiful 1 room apartment is in Jakobsdal/Örgryte residential area, up on a hill with a gorgeous view of Gothenburg. The building originates from 1934 and the apartment got renovated in 2010. The studio has 39 square meters and thanks to the light interior design everything got airy after the renovation. The floor is covered by a three-strip parquet in oak throughout the entire apartment, and the walls are painted in Sommarsnö color from Jotun. I adore the wall art gallery and the reading nook next to the window, these are basic essentials, from my perspective, to turn a room into a hygge interior. I wonder from where the pendant and the table lamp are, never seen it before, drop a comment if you know the brand/producer.

The kitchen is well organized, with white cabinetry, oak countertop, and white matte subway tiles on the wall. I like the fact, that they optimized the space by turning the deep window sill into a dining area.

The apartment has a view and its own access to the cozy courtyard. As usual, for Swedish people a direct connection to nature is essential, and this lovely tiny home is no exception to this principle either.

If you are from this region and care to see this studio, it is for sale, so don’t hesitate to contact Lundin and book a tour.


Photo credits: thank you Lundin.se for letting my share these pictures.

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Transylvania Loft Treehouse

This week’s interior is something really special. I’ve always loved people or places with an original story, and I think this treehouse is beyond originality. The location is surrounded by pure nature, and everything encourages you to go back to the basics. However, this treehouse if a fully functional 1 bedroom interior combined with a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower. I love the huge windows letting in the abundance of natural light, not to mention the fantastic view of the surroundings. The idea of living (even if it’s only for a few days) in a treehouse is über nice, you have the chance to try living in symbiosis with Mother Nature, to contemplate and to understand what’s important to get a hygge moment in a hygge interior.

The high ceilings painted into white give the impression of a spacious room. The dark window frames are great contrasts of the white interior. The comfy bed and the linens are the extras to make sure you feel at home in the middle of nature.

I think that we are lucky to have this kind of location in our region available for bookings. I was very thrilled also of The Hermit – a cabin in Gura Haitii, Suceava featured not so long time ago on the blog.

These days when we are working from home (or from anywhere where we have Wi-fi), I suddenly realized how great it would be to sit on this private deck, having my morning coffee and admiring the Retezat Mountains. I think I could get used to this.

The Transylvania Loft Treehouse is available on Airbnb for bookings, and Gabriela and Rareș have other great places too for renting, like the Transylvania Treehouse. They can also be found on Facebook so do not hesitate to contact them for a nice experience. If you are eager to visit Romania, this is the place you need to be.


Photo credits: @transylvanialogcabins– shared with friendly permission

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Compartment No. 3 – when simplicity meets taste

Australia is full of great interiors with great designs. I’m following a few interior design studios for some time now and they always manage to impress me with something that I’ve never seen before. I’m a huge fan of the Never Too Small YouTube channel focused on small, award-winning Australian interiors. I might even get addicted to their videos 🙂

Sophie Bowers’ 50 sqm apartment captured my attention for its calm feeling, clear lines, and simplicity. No wonder why, as she is a fan of Danish design, the color palette used in this interior is proof of that. Danish people are using and combining colors like no one else on this planet. The apartment was built in 1926 and now is the home of Sophie, her husband Josh, and their 2 super duper cute little dogs, Billy and Remy.

The apartment was designed by her own design studio – Strutt Studios – in art deco style. I particularly like the genius solution of storage in the kitchen, especially the pantry. We have a similar one too, a huge one and I’m telling you, my friends, you can store things enough for an army in something like this.

I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I do, Sophie’s voice is simply music to my ears.


Featured image: Strutt Studios
Website: www.nevertoosmall.com
Produced by: newmac.co

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A nice one-room apartment in Göteborg

It was not an easy decision about my first home tour. I wanted something specific to the Nordic style that I would like to promote here on my blog, I wanted something different from the interiors we are used to in my region. I opted for an apartment listed by Entrance, a Swedish real estate agency I admire a lot.

Swedish people are famous for their talent to maximize small places and turn into livable apartments. No wonder why Ikea became so popular for their solutions for storage, foldable furniture and practicality. This 1 room apartment in Göteborg (Gothenburg) has everything a person would need for a decent life: a bedroom, a reading nook, home office, wardrobe and an open floor plan kitchen to the living room. All this only on 31 sqm. The apartment has an incredible vibe due to its Velux skylights, the visible beams and its height ceilings.

The imperfection of the right hand side wall makes the room even more beautiful. The gorgeous commode and mirror takes me back to the midcentury period when these classy pieces were very popular, I wouldn’t even dare to assume that the commode might be from a different century. Either way it’s a great focal point of this living room.

The kitchen is well-structured and clean thanks to the bright color cabinets. The dining table is even foldable so more people can join the dinner. If I’m not mistaken, the light is from Ikea.

Home office in one of the corners of the living room. This is a perfect spot where to work on these strange days when we have to do remote work.

I particularly love the reading nook under the bay window. This is a perfect spot to hop in with a good book and a tasty coffee. The lighting above the table is a koushi pendant lamp, a very popular piece in the Nordic countries. You can find original lighting, but you can also DIY if you are handy. The wardrobe is an Elfa system hidden behind a white curtain, a genius idea when you are short on space, and this solution perfectly serves the storage instead of a large closet that wouldn’t fit here.

I hope you enjoyed the tour, I for sure did.


Photo credits: Thank you Entrance for letting me share these photos done by Anders Bergstedt.

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